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06/09/2010 - SIBELIUS 6.2 - WIKI software updated - Announcements

10.0 Not In The Manual

This is our very special manual supplement: Here you will find tips and tricks areas that don't appear in any section of the manual, but are so useful we include them as an appendix.

10.1 Exporting To PDF Files
When you want to have your scores as a PDF file, here is the place to look.

10.2 Importing From PDF Files
You may one day want to import PDS files - how do you do it? Read, and thou shalt see.

10.3 Importing From Lilypond And Other Programs
Cross-compatibility is always an issue, especially in professional work.

10.4 Engraving References
Where to find further information on how to craft beautiful scores.

10.5 Dynamics
Dealing with dynamics.

10.6 Plug-In Authoring For Dummies
Self-explanatory :)