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Tempo text appears above multiple staves in a score

If you add a tempo and it appear on multiple staves, and you only want it on the topmost staff, then

  1. House Styles>Edit Text Styles…
  2. Go to “tempo” and choose “Edit”
  3. Go to “vertical position” tab
  4. Choose “top staff” check box only

Text-off-the-page problem

Sometimes text will appear outside the borders of a page; normal clicking on the text will not select it so it can be dragged back to its correct position.

The trick is to shift-click and drag a box around it. That entire selected box can be moved onto the page with the arrow keys. Or choose >Layout>Reset-Position to bring the selected text back onto the page. Then you can drag it around the page like any other text.

Unwanted boxed text can't be selected or erased after MIDI import

These are “hit points” and cannot be deleted like normal text. Choose Play > Video and Time > Hit Points to be able to see and delete the hit points.

Add a watermark within Sibelius

  1. Create the text such as “Evaluation Copy” as plain text
  2. Create a new text style called “Watermark” from the style “plain”, and set the new size to 96 and rotation to 45
  3. In Properties, select your text and set the style to “Watermark”
  4. Change Font size as necessary through properties
  5. Select the text and choose Edit > Magnetic Layout > Off to ensure it doesn't move around as you edit the score
  6. Open the color pallet (Ctrl-J on PC) and set the text to a medium gray color
  7. right click on text and set Order>send to back

Use different text size in Score and parts for same item

when starting a new score, change the font size in the score and parts independently via House Style >Edit Text Styles.

For existing scores, change the item style via the properties window and then use Layout>Reset Design.