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Speakers and headphones

Though technically not a Sibelius topic, this is nonetheless important:
When listening to your scores, it greatly helps to have decent loudspeakers. Your mileage may vary, but most people's ears tend to tire pretty fast when listening to sound coming out of the average PC-loudspeakers.

By using better speakers (best are studio monitors), you will also hear some frequencies better, particularly on the bottom-end. Of course, if you use sample libraries to render your scores in any sequencer or directly in Sibelius, for mixing and mastering good monitors are an absolute necessity.

Better yet is to use high quality headphones. These can sound better than speakers and the sound will not disturb anyone else in the area.
Keep however in mind that it is very hard to mix tracks without speakers. This does not matter in Sibelius, but if you want to create really good recordings you should use decent monitors at the mixing stage.

Sound Libraries

You can improve the quality of playback by using 3rd parties sound libraries. Some of the good ones are (in no particular order):

Not all of these have a sound set that works with Sibelius. if one is not available, you will have to make your own.