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Create Dynamic Parts for Organ/more than one instrument

When you want to print out parts for the Organ, you will notice that Sibelius treats the manuals and pedals as seperate instruments, i.e. they are not available “as one” in the dynamic parts.
To have a regular organ score sheet, create a new part in the parts window and select all appropriate staves (in this case manuals a and b and pedals).
The same applies for dynamic parts for different instruments, i.e. flute and oboe on the same sheet of paper.

Title & composer text positioning in parts

To change the default vertical positioning of the title and the composer (or any text such as metronome marking for that matter) in all parts at once:

  • You can change the default position of any text style for the score and separately for (all) parts via House Style>Default Positions…

Missing Titles and other system text missing in parts

If you inadvertently attach system text (like the work's Title, copyright, etc.) to score bars that are hidden in a multirest in a part, the text will not appear in that part. Cut the offending text in the score and paste it to the leftmost barline, and it will magically appear in all parts, even if they start with a multirest.