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 +===== Fonts for dynamics not following imported house styles =====
 +When you import a house style, the 'Music text font' field in House Style > Edit All Fonts isn't changed.  So go there and change it to the font you expect.
 +===== Creating custom ensembles to use in new or preexisting scores =====
 +**Create a custom ensemble**
 +  * House style > edit instruments
 +  * New ensemble…
 +  * Choose options…rename instruments…etc until ensemble is how you want it
 +  * House style > Export house style (for use to import it into scores that need that instrumentation)
 +**Use a custom ensemble in a new or existing score**
 +  * House style > Import house style (the one with the custom ensemble)
 +  * Create>Instruments…
 +  * Click on “Choose from:” then click on the custom ensemble name
 +  * Under “Instrument:” click on the top instrument and the shift click on the bottom instrument to choose all the instruments in the custom ensemble
 +  * Choose “add to score” button
 +  * Reorder the instruments as needed under “staves in score” and hit OK button
 +**Switching from a traditional House Style to one based on the InkPen2 font**
 +  * Sometimes a few of the fonts are not converted properly, such as the dynamics which may stay in Opus font.  
 +  * The correct settings can be set in House Style >Edit All Fonts...
 +  * The following setting will give the desired output for InkPen2
 +  * The following setting will give the desired output for Rich Sigler's Jazz Font