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Editing MIDI files in other applications

When you export a midi file from Sibelius and want to use it in a sequencer like Logic, you should first delete all midi control messages.
Sibelius enters volume and panorama messages into the midi file. Therefore, whenever you start playing, your sequencer is reset to the Sibelius values preventing you from entering any volume or panorama information, which will probably be necessary.You can avoid this by opening the editor responsible for deleting such data (in Logic it is called Hyper Editor) and delete the messages. They are located right at the start.
Please note that if you use a library such as EWQLSO for rendering your midi in the sequencer, that you might not need panorama settings at all because some libraries have their instruments pre-panned.

If you have problems getting good results with your MIDI files, the excellent tutorials by Beat Kaufmann may help you a great deal. There are tutorials for getting a MIDI file in your sequencer along with optimizing it for best results and for creating good sounding renditions in your sequencer.