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[[2.0 Notations]]\\ * [[3.0 Text]]\\ * [[4.0 Playback And Video]]\\ * [[5.0 Power Tools]]\\ * [[6.0... * [[3.11 Font Equivalents]]\\ ---- * [[4.0 Playback And Video]]\\ * [[4.1 Working With Playback]]... s]]\\ * [[4.7 Live Tempo]]\\ * [[4.8 Live Playback]]\\ * [[4.9 Playback Dictionary]]\\ * [[4... * [[4.11 Timecode And Hit Points]]\\ * [[4.12 Playback Devices]]\\ * [[4.13 Midi For Beginners]]\\
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RIPTIONS MISSING - REMOVE WHEN DONE == ====== 4.0 Playback And Video ====== This section has tips how to improve playback of your pieces and how to work with video files.\\ \\ [[4.1 Working With Playback]]\\ ... [[4.6 Repeats]]\\ [[4.7 Live Tempo]]\\ [[4.8 Live Playback]]\\ [[4.9 Playback Dictionary]]\\ [[4.10 Video]]\\ [[4.11 Timecode And Hit Points]]\\ [[4.12 Playback Devices]]\\ [[4.13 Midi For Beginners]]\\ [[4.14
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e notes won't play through.\\ - You may find the playback volume rather low. Do not resort to only writing ... ual instruments (probably Sibelius Player). - If playback markings are seemingly ignored, you probably have Live Playback activated. Live Playback data overrides dynamics. Either remove Live Playback data or... n be solved by adding instances of kontakt in the playback devices. If you use Sib 5.2 or greater, Sibelius
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===== Remember Playback Volume ===== When you raise or lower the master playback volume in a score and save ... s is by design, because the volume is part of the playback configuration. So if you want to save the volume setting, do to the Playback Devices settings and save your current playback configuration. When you
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====== Top 10 Issues ====== * Playback window is stuck off screen, see [[contentareas:4.1_working_with_playback]] * Add a pickup bar, see [[contentareas:2.4_barlines]] * No sound\\ * Can't install Si... xpression don`t sound\\ * Erratic or unexpected playback\\ * For endings playback issues (1st ending,
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lugins/index.html?plugin=212]] \\ 3. Make Trills Playback Diatonically {{MakeTrillsPlaybackDiatonically.plg... ius 5\\ \\ This plug-in replaces trill lines that playback non-diatonically with trills that playback diaton... lug-in is useful if you receive scores with trill playback set to a minor second [or any other interval(s) f
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===== Playback stops in the middle of a piece ===== This may happen because a second ending is set to the wr... h 2nd-ending lines with open right-hand ends. If playback is unimportant, you can alternatively switch off ... then change the notes to that notehead. ===== Playback window is stuck off screen ===== Select the Playback window so that it's in focus, then type Alt+Space to show its system menu, then M (for "Move"),
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o the *.nki file ==== In Sibelius ==== - Play>Playback Devices> - Create a "New..." playback configura... ritan Personal Orchestra - Set the the Sibelius Playback configuration to the newly created "GPO" playback in Sibelius whenever you want to use the GPO sounds from the Kontakt Player
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/ "Microsoft GS Wavetable synth" (Win) under Play/Playback Devices to make Sibelius use the MIDI instruments, which load instantly.\\ If you create a playback configuration called "- COPYING" for this (by app... activate "Load sounds when opening scores" on the playback preferences page, so sound will only get loaded w... Sibelius needs to play them then). Note that the playback configuration is always global, i.e. applies to a
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ty information, so you can use them to enter live playback values. Via extra buttons it is possible to shift... up/down, send midi-messages (i.e. for controlling playback), use modulation and pitchbend.\\ \\ ===== Setup
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=== Use the right types of endings to get correct playback ===== Endings must be used a certain way or playback may not work as expected. Use a closed ending line (hook facing down) for intermediate ending
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====== To get hairpins to playback in Sib5 ====== * Create three bars of tied notes so you have five se... rpin so it is blue. * In the Properties window Playback panel, where it says "hairpin auto," change the a
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Rests Plug-Ins]]\\ [[6.8 Other Plug-Ins]]\\ [[6.9 Playback Plug-Ins]]\\ [[6.10 Proof-Reading Plug-Ins]]\\ [[
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ol will not affect which accidentals are shown or playback. To get around that, use the downloadable [[http