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Welcome to the Sibelius WIKI!

The purpose of this WIKI is to give common answers to issues that are not explained well or at all in the Sibelius Manual and to help making your Sibelius experience both more fun and more efficient. Using This WIKI should be a faster path to solving your issue than wading through dozens of threads on a forum. Please contribute your favorite tips and tricks here as well to help the knowledge base to grow.
Always perform a search using the search box on the left when looking for something. A lot of pages are not referenced on this startpage or in the Content Areas!

This WIKI is pretty young, so please help us filling it with content!
If you would like to help making Sibelius WIKI the very best resource for everything Sibelius please register and contribute to the WIKI!
Although we write in English, everything should also apply to Localised Versions of Sibelius.


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Top 10 Issues and FAQ

The Top 10 Issues deal with the most popular complaints of things not working and their solutions.
In the FAQ you will find answers to exactly these.
Perhaps you will find what you are looking for on the Mac Issues or Windows Issues pages. Please note that these describe issues with the OS, not Sibelius itself!
The Useful Links may give you an answer by searching the official resources.

Installing, Uninstalling, Re-installing, Registering

  • Installing And Registering a first or upgrade version of Sibelius into your computer or to an additional computer or moving it from one computer to another.
  • Getting Help from Sibelius Technical People and from non-Sibelius people.

Content Areas

In the Content Areas (the core of this wiki, so to speak) you will find tips and tricks organised per the official Sibelius Manual.

Theme Pages


Editing Syntax

Any questions please post to the Admin webmaster(at)sibelius-wiki(dot)de
If you find any errors PLEASE correct them or email, so we can fix them.

The Sibelius WIKI Team

Please adhere to the WIKI Rules And Regulations. If you want to know who is active here, look at the Whos Who.

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