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====== Formatting Syntax ====== [[doku>DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playgr
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nd. The official Sibelius reference manual is located [[|here]] (recently updated for Sibelius 6) . Unless you are a skilled programmer or ... lank). You will get an auto-reply back saying that the request "has been forwarded to the owner of t... ==== This online guide is intended to help accelerate the learning curve for authoring Sibelius plug-i
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==== Organ manuals and pedals show up as two separate parts ====== In the Parts Window, select the Org... s) and use the "Staves in Parts" button (5th icon at bottom of Parts window) to add the Pedals to it. ... mple, If I add instrument b to instrument a to create a part called a&b, I can then go into the parts ... s... * To hide the jumble of instrument names at the top left of the first page and replace it wit
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====== Sync Strategies ====== ==== Check your path! ==== Whenever working with multiple copies of the ... overwriting it with another copy from another location!\\ On Mac OS, you can Option-Click on the filename in the title bar to reveal the path. ===== Sync Options ===== If you own more than one compute... up solution.\\ ==== Home-Server ==== For working at home, a home server is a very good solution. Stor
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====== Backup Strategies ====== ===== Save Frequently ===== The first way to prevent losing your work ... o save frequently. A save is merely a backup of what is on the screen. Sibelius follows the standard ... e or so is more common. A composer, arranger, notator should <key>C-s</key> at almost every pause in ... ower failure or unexpected rewrite by a prancing cat. Sibelius files are automatically saved to a b
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ompliant, simple to use [[wp>Wiki]], mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple but powerful [[wiki:syntax]] which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files -- no database is required. Read the [[doku>manual|Do
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/vista.html|Windows Vista]], you may want to look at the respective sections on the helpcenter.\\ Righ... after installing Sibelius you should make sure that you have the latest version. You can do that in t... lp menu.\\ The aforementioned helpcenter has a great deal of useful information and features a [[|Chatpage]] where you can ask questions.
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this WIKI]] is to give common answers to issues that are not explained well or at all in the Sibelius ... g this WIKI|Using This WIKI]] should be a faster path to solving your issue than wading through dozens... swers to exactly these.\\ Perhaps you will find what you are looking for on the [[Mac Issues|Mac Issue... dows Issues|Windows Issues]] pages. Please note that these describe issues with the OS, not Sibelius i
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s for some special functions.\\ You can also look at the general [[wiki:syntax|Editing Syntax]]. Pleas... in the wiki. Internal links do not have the arrow at the side and can therefore be clearly seen as int... \ All pages within the Content Areas should be created in the namespace of the same name; all WIKI cen... tric pages in the sibwiki namespace.\\ You can create new pages in a namespace by searching for the pa
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ooking for [[localised versions]] or for the [[update history]].\\ \\ ===== Sibelius ===== Sibelius (currently at version 6) is the fully featured application. It is available as a single license, as we... cense. Both licenses are also available as an educational version at a reduced price. The edu-version ... down version of Sibelius intended for use in education by students. ===== Sibelius First ===== Sibeli
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erform difficult or repetitive tasks through automation. They can be incredibly useful and time savin... -in_authoring_for_dummies]] ===== Plug-in installation ===== To learn how to install plug-ins, see he... == 1. Remove wiggly trill lines is now available at [[ e Trill Symbols with Trill Lines is now available at [[
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ish and American Musical Terms ===== For a page that explains the difference between American English ... ==== Typically on playback, there is an unwanted attack on the second note. You are probably using sl... ugh both are drawn as arcs (the tie is actually flatter and is always horizontal). Ties are used to augment the duration to play a note. A tie joins a single note to only one other at the same pitch an
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ond ending is set to the wrong type. For music that continues, use the 2nd ending "line" that does NOT have a bracket pointing down at the end. Each of the 2nd ending lines in your score with closed r... ends. If playback is unimportant, you can alternatively switch off 'Play repeats' in Play > Performa... rn on the Silent flag, then change the notes to that notehead. ===== Playback window is stuck off s
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losed ending line (hook facing down) for intermediate endings and an open one (no hook) for the last ending. \\ \\ ===== Start repeat barline in measure 1 mistakenly placed BEFORE the time signature.... ne of the Properties window first on the time signature (positive value) and then on the repeat sign (negative value). \\ \\ * Click on the time signature in your score * Windows>Properties>General
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