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e sort of programming background. The official Sibelius reference manual is located [[|here]] (recently updated for Sibelius 6) . Unless yo... ed in getting help on writing plug-ins. To subscribe, send an email to with the words "subscribe plugin-dev" in the body of the email (subject line must be blank). You will get
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up language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all p... ction is possible, too. Just add the section name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This lin... o automatically create links by default, but this behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config]] file.... "local zone"). * For Mozilla and Firefox it can be enabled through different workaround mentioned in
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er inside your "scores" folder (with a version number appended to the name). These backups are useful... . You may have changed these locations so it may be elsewhere. To see of set the current location of... u will see a place for "Save Scores in...". Remember, the "Backup Scores" folder will be inside this ... Note that your "Scores" folder does not need to be called "Scores"\\ In this dialog box is also an
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====== iTunes For Sibelius Users ====== This page shows you how to manage your Sibelius recordings wit... the only option of doing that, but as you are maybe already using it for managing your music, it is l... ach you how iTunes works and how you can make the best out of it.\\ ===== Managing Sibelius Recordings ===== When you have exported your Sibelius scores within the application, you will have a wav or ai
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you throw untagged files at it, your library will be a mess. The more tags (song name, artist, composer, year...) you provide for the application, the better its database will handle things. It is therefore advisable to enter tags before importing into iTunes, or doing it immediately after importing!\\ \\ Because iTunes is essentially a database with extensive search features, a well ordered library 6 Hits
ps and tricks for manual uploading of scores to ===== * You can't upload scores l... ==== How to use FTP to upload scores & parts to SibeliusMusic ===== use the FTP instruction provided on Sibelius website. Here is a small extract....\\ * Filenames are case sensitive. All the files ... hould contain ‘Quartet for Strings’, this tells SibeliusMusic what file names to look for. * The nam
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====== Sibelius Wiki Rules and Regulations ====== **Welcome to Wiki Rules and Regulations page!**\\ \\... e read them carefully and follow them.\\ - Please be polite and stay on topic. Musicians should be nice to one another.\\ - Don't spam. That should be self-explanatory, but for some people it obviously is not. Ye be warned.\\ - For the sake of internationality, this wiki is in English ONLY. Posts in o
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clicking on the text will not select it so it can be dragged back to its correct position. The tric... ag a box around it. That entire selected box can be moved onto the page with the arrow keys. Or choo... any other text. ===== Unwanted boxed text can't be selected or erased after MIDI import ===== These are "hit points" and cannot be deleted like normal text. Choose Play > Video and Time > Hit Points
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of them.\\ As usual, if you only have a small number of files, you can copy them by hand. As an added... the clients. This makes backups fairly easy, too because you can just hook up a hard drive to the ser... p Strategies]]). However, this way, you will only be able to access the files when in your own network... whichever client you open a file, it will always be the newest version.\\ ==== Removable Media ==== O
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====== Contribute to Sibelius Wiki ====== You are very welcome and encouraged to bring in your talents... in this place.\\ If you know anything that could be of interest to other users of Sibelius, please wr... dress as well as your name as it appears on the Sibelius chatpage (if you are registered there) in the... who contributes. You email address will of course be kept private and will not be visible to other use
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the syntax. ===== Headlines ===== There can only be one H1 headline on a page, which has to be identi... not have the arrow at the side and can therefore be clearly seen as internal.\\ [[namespace:pagen... ised.\\ All pages within the Content Areas should be created in the namespace of the same name; all WI... n code Snippets to key presses. <key>C-s</key> becomes\\ <key>C-s</key> A complete documentation o
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e is merely a backup of what is on the screen. Sibelius follows the standard established by Microsoft... it frequently. A save every ten seconds will not be too often. Every minute or so is more common. A... lure or unexpected rewrite by a prancing cat. Sibelius files are automatically saved to a backup di... manual. For windows users, you can adjust the number of backup copies that Sibelius keeps by adjustin
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===== Unwanted boxed text can't be selected or erased after MIDI import ===== These are "hit points" and cannot be deleted like normal text. Choose Play > Video and Time > Hit Points to be able to see
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n impressum on the bottom of the page).. ===== Sibelius 6.2 and updated wiki ===== If you have not done so already, you should really update to Sibelius 6.2. The update is available from the "Check for updates" function in Sibelius and does also apply to Sibelius 6 First. Furthermore, we have updated... cluding a slightly redesigned template. ===== Sibelius 6 and SibWiki ===== All information available
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