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06/09/2010 - SIBELIUS 6.2 - WIKI software updated - Announcements

1.0 Inputting

This section deals with tips on how to input notes into Sibelius.

1.1 Note Input
General tips on how to input notes.

1.2 Keypad
Inputting notes with your keypad including alternatives in situations where you do not have one.

1.3 Keyboard Window
Tips for using the Keyboard Window new in Sibelius 6.

1.4 Flexi-time
Tips on using Sibelius' realtime input mode.

1.5 Scanning
Scanning in Music using both PhotoScore and other methods.

1.6 Audio Input
How to get Audio into Sibelius.

1.7 Guitar Tab Input
Inputting guitar tabulature including tips.

1.8 Fretboard Window
Tips for the Guitarists among us.

1.9 Selections And Passages
How to correctly select and deal with passages.

1.10 Input Devices
Using external devices (i.e. MIDI-Keyboards) to input notes.