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To customize the flag

Example, make 8ths look like 16ths:

  1. The flags for notes seem to be those defined in Edit > Symbols in the Notes rows. The ones to notice show up following the little “lv” slurs, and the first ones of interest are “eighth note up” and “eighth note down”. You see the names if you edit them.
  2. Change the symbols used by “eighth note up” and “eighth note down” to be triple flags, which show up a bit later in the row.
  3. Now all your 8th notes should look like 32nd notes. As will 32nd, notes of course.
  4. Change as many of these as you want. They affect only the current score. I don't know what you will do for something like a whole note if it needs a staff, but changing the flags should not be too hard.
  5. To use in other scores use House Style > Export House Style and import the house style into other scores.
To customize the notehead

Example, make noteheads bigger:

  1. House Style > Edit Noteheads
  2. Select the regular notehead type, click Edit
  3. In the dialog that appears, select e.g. the half note, click 'Edit Symbol', then choose the white notehead at the very right hand end of the Noteheads row in the Symbol dialog.
  4. Do the same for the quarter note, and choose the black notehead just to the left of the white notehead.