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06/09/2010 - SIBELIUS 6.2 - WIKI software updated - Announcements

Tips and tricks for manual uploading of scores to

  • You can't upload scores larger than around 900K. If your score is large than that you have a few options
    • Break multimoveemnt scores into individual movements
    • Remove any graphics
    • If you used the “versions feature” of Sub6, export the most recent version into a separate file and upload only that.
  • You can't upload MP3 files larger than around 6 MB.

How to use FTP to upload scores & parts to SibeliusMusic

use the FTP instruction provided on Sibelius website. Here is a small extract….

  • Filenames are case sensitive. All the files relating to a particular score must have the same name, except the Instrumental parts which must have the name of the instrument they are for. E.g. to upload a score with the title: ‘Quartet for Strings’:
  • The ‘Title’ column of the CVS file should contain ‘Quartet for Strings’, this tells SibeliusMusic what file names to look for.
  • The name of the Sibelius file for the score must be ‘Quartet for Strings.sib’.
  • The MP3 file of the score must be called ‘Quartet for Strings.mp3’
  • The score graphic for the score must be called either ‘Quartet for Strings.jpg’ or ‘Quartet for Strings.png’.
  • The instrumental parts for the quartet must be in a folder called ‘Quartet for Strings parts’ and have file names that correspond to the instruments.
  • The CSV file must be called ‘data.csv’
  • After you have uploaded the correct files with the correct filenames, you need to process them.
  • The My Store page on SibeliusMusic has two buttons for processing your uploaded files:
  • The left hand button Process files (preview actions) is for performing a dry run over your data – this will check to make sure that the files are in the right place with the right names and report any errors to you, while not actually making any changes.
  • You should press this button first to check for errors.
  • If you are happy that there are no errors, you can press Process files, which will actually process your files and add them to the SibeliusMusic database. This mechanism will also check for errors too and stop before processing any files if an error occurs.
  • When file files have been successfully processed they are removed from the FTP server.

Undocumented Hints and Learnings

Read the items below for extra hints which can save you much aggravation and time.

  • Make sure Excel fields to do not contain alt-shifts to create line breaks (such as in the program notes). You can add these later by editing the web page.
  • Ensure no fields or filenames contain “(“, “)”, ” ' ” or “&”. I assume other symbols would make the import break as well.
  • There is no place in the Excel template to price your parts, these are automatically to $1.00. You will need to edit the amount in the web interface if you want something other than $1.00 for your parts. It looks like the FTP import template was not touched when the “price your parts” feature was added some time ago.
  • After the files are successfully uploaded, the content you loaded onto the FTP server are deleted (of course they are still on your own computer)
  • There seems to be a a bug/limit of 15 scores in one data.csv upload at a time. The workaround is to break this into multiple, smaller uploads.
  • In your csv file, delete any rows which do not have score data