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Rehearsal mark increases size in extracted part

The rehearsal marks in my score (and the parts within) are of proper size. When I extract the parts into a separate file, the rehearsal marks are automatically increasing in size. Any ideas on how to keep the rehearsal mark at the original intended size?

In this case the rehearsal marks in the original file (score and parts) have different sizes, say 20pt for score and 14pt for parts.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, when you extract a part, it uses the 'Score' value of rehearsal mark size, not the part size. (because it's now a score, not a part). The available workarounds are (in order of preference):

1. Save your score. Then set the score value of the rehearsal marks to 14pt size (Go to House Style /Edit Text Styles / Rehearsal Marks.), extract all parts and DO NOT save the original file. This is easy and fast, and keeps the original file in tact.
2. Edit the 'Score' value to be 14pt in one part, then export the house style from that part and import it into the others (e.g. using Plug-ins > Batch Processing > Apply House Style to Folder of Scores).
3. Do not extract parts, and use dynamic parts instead.