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Content Areas

The pages in this sections are organised per the official Sibelius 6 reference for ease of looking things up.

Please note that these articles serve as an expansion of the manual and does NOT replace it. It is advisable to first read the specific chapter in the manual because it is likely that your questions are already answered there.
All main categories have subpages containing brief descriptions of all their subpages.
If you contribute to this section, please limit your contribution to tips and tricks; this is no chatpage. If an article does not already exist, please create it in section 10.x!

If you do not find what you are looking for, try the search function on the left. There are plenty of other articles on the wiki which are not listed here, so be sure to perform a search or view all articles by choosing “Index” on the left.


The Content Areas now represent the Sibelius 6 reference and are ready for new content.

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