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Installing and registering

This page helps you install and register a first or upgrade version of Sibelius into your computer or to an additional computer or move it from one computer to another.

General Remark

As with any new software, you should remember that technical help may not be available on a weekend or holiday. In your haste to install a new version as soon as it arrives so you can continue with your important project, it is probably not a good idea to install the new version on a Friday or weekend. If something goes wrong, help may not be available until Monday at the soonest.

Better you should wait until you finish your important project in case things go wrong with the installation.

Help is available every day on the Sibelius chatpage. There, Sibelius users with various degrees of expertise will help to the best of their abilities.

Updating from earlier Versions

When updating from an earlier major version of the software, you do NOT need to uninstall the old version. Just install the new version as told in the manual and follow the instructions. You may even want to keep older versions on your computer for compatibility reasons (i.e. if you have created tons of soundsets etc that require adapting them to a new version).

Installing Sibelius on a new computer

If you want to reinstall Sibelius on a new computer remember to deregister the application. You can do that in the Help menu. After that, just install Sibelius on the new machine and register as usual. You can always install the most recent version, so if you have S6, you do NOT need to install all previously owned versions. Be sure to check for updates after installing, especially when dealing with OS changes.

If online registration fails

You can either register Sibelius online or by phone/fax. If online registration fails, as a first measure try it again in a few minutes. If you are still encountering problems, you will need to contact technical support or register offline.