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contentareas:10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies: 12 Hits
s, especially for people whose programming skills may be nascent or rusty. If you have no programming ... ote that the items you initially planned on doing may change as you move through other steps and see what is or isn't possible. You may also find important items that should have been included but were ... dy (reasonably) does what I am trying to do? You may or may not be aware of these capabilities so read
contentareas:9.1_working_with_files: 5 Hits
on Mac is inside your user Documents folder. You may have changed these locations so it may be elsewhe... t to avoid. Inside the Backup Scores folder you may also see a file with a name ending in dmp. This ... basis. In the [[::backup_strategies]] article you may find a method that suits you. ===== Accessing fi... ing on a lot of scores on different machines, you may want to look for [[::sync_strategies]] to have yo
contentareas:1.1_note_input: 3 Hits
ing it as a keypad (Mac OS only!) ===== Mac users may use their iPhone as a numeric keypad if their com... This greatly improves the use of Sibelius. You may download this application and install in on your ... ut__ a keypad, just like the wireless one! So you may want to order either the "full-blown" Apple Keybo
beginners: 3 Hits|Windows Vista]], you may want to look at the respective sections on the he... Otherwise the notes won't play through.\\ - You may find the playback volume rather low. Do not resor... questions.\\ - If not all staves are played you may not have enough free slots for your instruments.
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sible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at... * This is a list * The second item * You may have different levels * Another item - The s... * This is a list * The second item * You may have different levels * Another item - The s
installing_and_registering: 3 Hits
software, you should remember that technical help may not be available on a weekend or holiday. In you... Friday or weekend. If something goes wrong, help may not be available until Monday at the soonest. ... ld in the manual and follow the instructions. You may even want to keep older versions on your computer
localised_versions: 2 Hits
version of Sibelius is always the newest one - it may take a while for localised versions to be release... ably good (i.e. if you understand this text), you may consider switching to the UK Site, because this o
korg_nanokey: 2 Hits
eady to go. Usually a 1.0 slot will be ok, so you may use your USB slots on your keyboard.\\ The nanoKE... scores. ===== Known Issues ===== Sometimes, you may experience stuck notes. The quickest solution is
contentareas:4.6_repeats: 2 Hits
Endings must be used a certain way or playback may not work as expected. Use a closed ending line (... necessary at all, technically or otherwise, at the beginning of a piece and may be removed altogether.
itunes_for_sibelius_users: 2 Hits
not the only option of doing that, but as you are maybe already using it for managing your music, it is... o quality, which people with good audio equipment may hear. Drag all files you want to burn to a playli... recise and complete as possible; otherwise people may have difficulties actually finding out what your
itunes_for_musicians: 2 Hits
t things) sometimes is not perfectly ordered (you may have "Handel, George Frideric" on one album and "... for similar music and get a feel what your client may want. With smart playlists, you can create dynami
contentareas:1.10_input_devices: 1 Hits
controller, the recently released "Korg nanoKey" may be a treat for you. It is one of the smallest eve
contentareas:2.29_staves: 1 Hits
first choose Layout>Hide Empty Staves. Some bars may still show: without doing anything else first, ch
contentareas:8.1_layout_and_formatting: 1 Hits
layout issues like hairpins going over notes. You may change the score later rendering your work useles
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