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the datafiles to be as readable as possible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playground|playground]] page. The simpler markup is easily accessible via [[doku>toolbar|quickbuttons]], t
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===== Industry standard page numbering conventions ===== ==== When first page is a right facing page ==== * First page is numbered #1 (can hide the number) * 2nd page is #2 and is shown * 3rd page is #3 and is shown (etc.) ==== When first page is a left facing page ==== * First page is numbered #2 (can hide the number) * 2nd page is #3 and is shown * 3rd page is #4 and is shown (etc.)
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====== Editing Tips And Guidelines ====== This page holds the guidelines for writing articles as well as... ines ===== There can only be one H1 headline on a page, which has to be identical to the page title.\\ H2 headlines are used for items on pages. H3 and so on for subitems of these items.\\ Headlines shoul... do always use internal links when referencing to pages within the wiki. Internal links do not have the
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write it down!\\ \\ You may edit already existing pages; all you need is a user account. When you want t... ll as your name as it appears on the Sibelius chatpage (if you are registered there) in the Real Name fi... our real name.\\ If (which is likely) there is no page for the topic you intend to write about, just sea... you want to topic to have and click "create this page" on the results page. A new wiki page will then b
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ouncement would look like on the Sibelius plug-in page. These helps to reach clarity and precision in w... bmit it for consideration on the Sibelius plug-in page. If you would like this to be published on the official Sibelius plug in page, zip the plug-in first and email it to <>, ... out additional editing. See the plug-in download page for examples. * You can describe your plug-in o
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"top staff" check box only ===== Text-off-the-page problem ===== Sometimes text will appear outside the borders of a page; normal clicking on the text will not select it so it can be dragged back to i... . That entire selected box can be moved onto the page with the arrow keys. Or choose >**Layout**>**Re... ition** to bring the selected text back onto the page. Then you can drag it around the page like any o
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===== To Delete A Title Page ===== - Make sure >view>layout marks is clicked on. - On the next page after the title page, select the pagebreak symbol at the top left. It is the tiny blue page with the
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distribute evenly across the vertical space on a page ===== Sometime staves are not evenly distributed vertically on a page due to a variety of reasons (imported from XML, manually adjusted, etc.). To correct this:\\ \\ 1. Select all staves on the page\\ 2. choose Layout>Reset Space Above Staff\\ 3. c
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process when you are done with composing. Use the page layout mode, so you can see what it will look on ... pt anything.\\ \\ <box 90% round red|IMPORTANT> **Page Layout is always the last step when creating a sc... e to do everything twice. You can compose in Panorama View, so page layout issues do not matter.**</box>
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of instrument names at the top left of the first page and replace it with "Percussion" (set font and si... and also if appears as a header above subsequent pages. Then make a technique text called "percussion"... hides the rest. So I put only hide empty staves page by page, and when I get to a rest for the whole s
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== British and American Musical Terms ===== For a page that explains the difference between American Eng... h musical terms, click [[ |here]]. ===== How to delete a Title Page ===== Make sure you have View > Layout Marks checked; you will see a blue dotty blank page symbol above the first bar. Select this and Delete. ===== My ties don't work ===== Typic 2 Hits
e [[|My Store page]] on SibeliusMusic has two buttons for processing... tes). You can add these later by editing the web page. * Ensure no fields or filenames contain “(“, “
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====== Content Areas ====== **The pages in this sections are organised per the official Sibelius 6 refer... ady answered there.\\ All main categories have subpages containing brief descriptions of all their subpages.\\ If you contribute to this section, please limit your contribution to tips and tricks; this is no chatpage. If an article does not already exist, please create it in section 10.x!\\ \\ If you do
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====== Announcements ====== On this page we will post announcements regarding the WIKI.\\ \\ ===== Regis... e admins (click on impressum on the bottom of the page).. ===== Sibelius 6.2 and updated wiki ===== If ... areas|Content Areas]] are already updated.\\ Some pages will be updated with the release of the German v
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