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===== Backup Scores ===== Each time you manually save your score, a backup of it is automatically saved in the "Backup Scores" folder inside your "scores" folder (with a version number appended to the name)... revert to an earlier version.\\ By default, the Scores folder for Windows is created inside your My Docu... where. To see of set the current location of the scores folder go to:\\ * File>Preferences>Files. The 5 Hits
===== Tips and tricks for manual uploading of scores to ===== * You can't upload scores larger than around 900K. If your score is large than that you have a few options * Break multimoveemnt scores into individual movements * Remove any graphics * If you used t... than around 6 MB. ===== How to use FTP to upload scores & parts to SibeliusMusic ===== use the FTP instru
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er always loads all sounds when switching between scores, which takes some time. While working it can ther... also help to deactivate "Load sounds when opening scores" on the playback preferences page, so sound will ... lay them then). Note that the playback configuration is always global, i.e. applies to all open scores!\\
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rdings ===== When you have exported your Sibelius scores within the application, you will have a wav or ai... can easily be used for storing PDF files of your scores. After creating the PDF, just drag it into iTunes... etype = PDF" as criterium. ===== Integrating Your Scores Into Your Library ===== Chances are that you are
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about files - even things like converting Finale scores and so on.\\ \\ [[9.1 Working With Files]]\\ [[9.2 Sharing Files]]\\ [[9.3 Splitting And Joining Scores]]\\ [[9.4 Importing Graphics]]\\ [[9.5 Opening Mi
contentareas:4.2_interpretation_of_your_score: 2 Hits
s nonetheless important:\\ When listening to your scores, it greatly helps to have decent loudspeakers. Yo... ourse, if you use sample libraries to render your scores in any sequencer or directly in Sibelius, for mix
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lags should not be too hard. - To use in other scores use House Style > Export House Style and import the house style into other scores. == To customize the notehead== Example, make noteheads bigger:
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= Sibelius Scorch is a browser plugin for viewing scores.\\ On this page frequently occuring issues with t... reference setting and switch it on.\\ \\ ===== My scores are distorted/no sound/... ===== Try downloading
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aring Files]]\\ * [[9.3 Splitting And Joining Scores]]\\ * [[9.4 Importing Graphics]]\\ * [[9.
contentareas:8.8_house_style: 2 Hits
ing custom ensembles to use in new or preexisting scores ===== \\ **Create a custom ensemble** \\ * Hous... e > Export house style (for use to import it into scores that need that instrumentation) \\ **Use a custom
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rting To PDF Files]]\\ When you want to have your scores as a PDF file, here is the place to look.\\ \\ [[... ind further information on how to craft beautiful scores.\\ \\ [[10.5 Dynamics]]\\ Dealing with dynamics.\
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on your plug-in. It is good to create some test scores that you can use to ensure that your plug-in is w
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, and is helpful in thinking about how we lay out scores. It was, in its time, a "how to" book, and now is
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t standard-compliant and beautiful layout of your scores possible.\\ \\ [[8.1 Layout And Formatting]]\\ [[
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