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on in the pagename. For details about namespaces see [[doku>namespaces]]. Linking to a specific secti... for links and [[#images_and_other_files|images]] (see below) like this: [[|{{wiki:... nk instead. For linking an image to another page see [[#Image Links]] above. ===== Lists ===== Dokuw... Col 2 | Row 2 Col 3 | As you can see, it's the cell separator before a cell which deci
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ng may change as you move through other steps and see what is or isn't possible. You may also find imp... design phase you performing some due diligence to see if the requirements you've written can be fulfill... n that can be posted without additional editing. See the plug-in download page for examples. * You c... ferences file using via the preferences plug-in. See p30 of manuscript manual v6.2. === The plug-in
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====== * Playback window is stuck off screen, see [[contentareas:4.1_working_with_playback]] * Add a pickup bar, see [[contentareas:2.4_barlines]] * No sound\\ * Can't install Sibelius\\ * Ho... ack\\ * For endings playback issues (1st ending, 2nd ending, etc) see [[contentareas:4.6 Repeats]]
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anged these locations so it may be elsewhere. To see of set the current location of the scores folder ... o:\\ * File>Preferences>Files. There you will see a place for "Save Scores in...". Remember, the "... d. Inside the Backup Scores folder you may also see a file with a name ending in dmp. This file is c
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gistered there) in the Real Name field, so we can see who contributes. You email address will of course... out future developments, things you might like to see in future versions and so on. Please keep in mind
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ml|here]].\\ \\ ===== Plugin authoring ===== See [[10.6_plug-in_authoring_for_dummies]] ===== Plu... tallation ===== To learn how to install plug-ins, see here [[
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Play > Video and Time > Hit Points to be able to see and delete the hit points. ===== Add a watermark
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h composing. Use the page layout mode, so you can see what it will look on your printer. \\ ===== Use M
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eyboards]] and works nicely with Sibelius. Please see more in the Article [[::korg_nanokey|Korg nanoKEY
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hs look like 16ths: \\ \\ - The flags for notes seem to be those defined in Edit > Symbols in the Not... are "eighth note up" and "eighth note down". You see the names if you edit them. - Change the symbo
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Please also see [[1.1 Note Input]].
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ke normal text. Choose Play > Video and Time > Hit Points to be able to see and delete the hit points.
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nating]] a few bucks ;-). Not sure what this means? See the [[doku>faq:license|FAQ on the Licenses]].
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a hard drive to the server and set it up as RAID (see [[Backup Strategies]]). However, this way, you wi
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