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frequently_asked_questions: 4 Hits
blue dotty blank page symbol above the first bar. Select this and Delete. ===== My ties don't work ===== ... immediately after the first note. To input a tie, select the first note and type Enter on the numeric keyp... multiple staves as well). To input a slur, either select the first note that the slur spans, type S and th... necessary until the slur is the right length, or select a passage and type S. ====== I have other questi
contentareas:3.1_working_with_text: 3 Hits
s of a page; normal clicking on the text will not select it so it can be dragged back to its correct posit... hift-click and drag a box around it. That entire selected box can be moved onto the page with the arrow k... ose >**Layout**>**Reset-Position** to bring the selected text back onto the page. Then you can drag it ... other text. ===== Unwanted boxed text can't be selected or erased after MIDI import ===== These are "hi
contentareas:2.29_staves: 2 Hits
strument change to 'No instrument (hidden)'.\\ \\ Select the ossia staff for the bars you don't want them ... lse first, choose Create>Other>Instrument change. Select All Instruments>Others>No instrument (hidden) and
contentareas:2.25_noteheads: 2 Hits
ads bigger: - House Style > Edit Noteheads - Select the regular notehead type, click Edit - In the dialog that appears, select e.g. the half note, click 'Edit Symbol', then choose the white notehead
contentareas:9.3_splitting_and_joining_scores: 2 Hits
After doing that, click on the prior measure and select layout>reset note spacing \\ \\ ===== Copying m... nces page, so sound will only get loaded when you select notes (because Sibelius needs to play them then).
contentareas:2.21_lines: 2 Hits
===== Bulk removal of wavy trill lines ===== * Select the whole score and use Edit>Filter>Advanced filter to select just the trill lines * Windows>Properties>Lines panel * continuously hold the down
contentareas:2.17_hairpins: 1 Hits
itioning for you so you won't have to drag.) * Select the hairpin so it is blue. * In the Properties
contentareas:8.10_staff_spacing: 1 Hits
nually adjusted, etc.). To correct this:\\ \\ 1. Select all staves on the page\\ 2. choose Layout>Reset S
contentareas:4.17_midi_messages: 1 Hits
ently remove them by using the Advanced Filter to select all text which includes the tilde (~), and then p
contentareas:2.24_multirests: 1 Hits
You can easily do this by (in the score or part) selecting the top or bottom of any other barline, so tha... \ If there is no handle on the offending barline, select that barline and press delete: it was a special b
contentareas:1.0_inputting: 1 Hits
]]\\ Tips for the Guitarists among us.\\ \\ [[1.9 Selections And Passages]]\\ How to correctly select and
backup_strategies: 1 Hits
es.\\ \\ === Windows === FIXME === Mac OS === The selection of good backup tools is fortunately quite big.... ckup]] (commercial).\\ These applications let you select files and folders to backup and will then perform... e files, too. These are in special folders. For a selection of things wise to backup, see [[Mac OS Recomme
contentareas:4.1_working_with_playback: 1 Hits
===== Playback window is stuck off screen ===== Select the Playback window so that it's in focus, then t
contentareas:7.1_working_with_parts: 1 Hits
sheet, create a new part in the parts window and select all appropriate staves (in this case manuals a an