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Contribute to Sibelius Wiki

You are very welcome and encouraged to bring in your talents in this place.
If you know anything that could be of interest to other users of Sibelius, please write it down!

You may edit already existing pages; all you need is a user account. When you want to create a new user account, use the login button on the top right and click “Register”. Please provide both a valid email address as well as your name as it appears on the Sibelius chatpage (if you are registered there) in the Real Name field, so we can see who contributes. You email address will of course be kept private and will not be visible to other users, the same applies to your real name.
If (which is likely) there is no page for the topic you intend to write about, just search for the name you want to topic to have and click “create this page” on the results page. A new wiki page will then be created. Right at the top of the creation page you will find a link to the syntax description. Do not panic, it is very easy and you will be up and running in no time.
If you have any problems or questions editing the wiki, feel free to ask for help.

Please adhere to the WIKI Rules And Regulations, so that we have a nice resource for everything Sibelius :)
Note that we only accept tips and tricks about working with the software. Do NOT talk about future developments, things you might like to see in future versions and so on. Please keep in mind that this is a wiki, not the technical support, so please do NOT post any bugs. If you want to report bugs, do this on the official website. This wiki is only about facts, not about speculations.

We have an Editing Tips And Guidelines page with a few tips on how to write good articles and some special syntax provided by the software.
Thank you very much for helping us!