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Sibelius Wiki Rules and Regulations

Welcome to Wiki Rules and Regulations page!

We have only few rules, but please read them carefully and follow them.
- Please be polite and stay on topic. Musicians should be nice to one another.
- Don't spam. That should be self-explanatory, but for some people it obviously is not. Ye be warned.
- For the sake of internationality, this wiki is in English ONLY. Posts in other languages will be ignored and subsequently deleted even if we can read them.
- No talk about pirated versions of Sibelius or any other applications, how to get them, and so on. Never. Ever. Amen. If you do it, you will be banned. The same applies to licensing questions; these questions are only dealt with on official channels
- This Wiki is in no way affiliated with Sibelius Software or Avid, so please do not ask questions we cannot answer.
- We can take no responsibility if your computer, after following our tips, crashes, explodes, evaporates etc… In short: You do everything on your own risk :)
- This wiki is about current versions of Sibelius. No talk at all about any future developments! You are in no way allowed to include any speculation on anything related to Sibelius Inc (or Avid) unless allowed by said parties in writing.
- If we feel a post violates any of these rules, we will edit or delete it. This Wiki is a labour of love and in no way tried to undermine the rights of Sibelius or Avid.

That's it :)
Rules as of 07/06/2009.